How To Check Out The Address For Your Router?

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The router is an advanced system that helps the people to transfer information to through the internet. You are able to connect more than two networks with the help of a router. If you have 5 or 10 pc, then you can also connect it easily with the help of router and get a fast internet connection. When people get a new router, then they to find the address and if you also have a question that what is my the address for your router then it is only possible on product manual. Here are some details about the routers gateway IP address.

How to find your routers gateway IP address?

It is straightforward to get the routers gateway IP address of the router. Basically, you need to read all these steps in order to get an IP address.

  • First, you need to connect the network
  • Now click on Win + R and type cmd in run prompt.
  • Then you will find a command prompt, and then press enter.
  • You default gateways will be like “192.155.02”.

This is a too smooth and perfect way to get the IP address. You can easily use the internet after connecting the pc with the router. Even it is also possible to combine the tablets and phone with the broadband. You can learn more about the IP address by reading the reviews online.

In addition to this, customers should check out the ratings of the routers while purchasing the IP address. It is also possible to reset the router setting. There is a factor default that you can access and reason some lousy configuration. There is a small hole in the router that in which you will get reset button. Simply use the paperclip in order to reset it.